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Afrolicious party w- Quetzal in Venice next week, Pleasuremaker DJ set, Chapel in SF……

Hey beautiful soulful ones!! 
Last week the party got off to a great start, large up guest Ephniko! Hope to catch you at our brand new party every  1st and 3rd Tuesday’s at Townhous aka Del Monte Speakeasy. RSVP here on the FB invite if you can or let your friends know, gonna be so beautiful to keep the vibes we started in San Francisco alive in the Los Angeles area!
Wanted to share this brand new full length album with you guys for you all to listen, download, share, and feel the love from Afrolicious. We look forward to setting up more tours and trying to be wherever you are next year in 2016, in the meantime you can get some Afrolicious in your life via this album, ‘Ways of Seeing’.
Plese join us for a fresh night of music and vibes on our first installment of a very funky, very live night, where we will get down to the ecclectic, baelieric, funky, afro, disco, house vibes of authentic talented DJ’s accompainied by live guest musicians. 

With Maestro’s ~

Pleasuremaker – Afrolicious – San Francisco
Tony Watson – Adult Contemporary – Los Angeles
Jordan – Touch of Class, Pleasure Trip – Los Angeles
Also coming up in November the Afrolicious band will be back at our beloved Chapel in San Francisco on November 25th (Thanksgiving weekend) and hope to kick it w- our Bay Area family!! Let’s make this event pop off as it’s officially our last show of the year in the Bay area!!!
Peace and Love ya’ll

Pleasuremaker and the Afrolicious crew

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