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NYE in SF – Venice this Tuesday – Free Download

What’s happening family?!
Just shouting to give thanks to you all for keeping Afrolicious alive through all these years!
We gave so much thanks for the music, friendship and vibrations we are able to share up in through the music, much love and respect ya’ll!! Thanks for dope shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles last week.
Back at it in Venice at the Del Monte Speakeasy for our party that is still 1st and 3rd Tuesday this month. We will switch to last Thursday’s of the month one time a month starting in February. Get on out if you can to the Venice or let some folks know as the vibes have been amazing at the new party.
We are elated to finally and officially announce that we will be back in our beloved San Francisco for New Year’s Eve. Our friends Rickshaw Stop asked us to curate a party so we decided to invite our amigos Smoked Out Soul to the night and Afrolicious alumni and collaborator Will Magid. Please get you a low priced pre-sale ticket if you would like to have the time of your life on New Year’s Eve! We have had some truly amazing times on New Year’s in San Francisco over the years and look forward to doing it again!
Peace and Love ya’ll

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